Dolly Parton brushes off lesbian rumours

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Country legend Dolly Parton has shaken off rumours she may be gay.

The star has been romantically linked with friend Judy Ogle before but told AARP magazine: “We’re absolutely, totally honest, open, and comfortable with each other.

“We’ve been accused of being lovers. We do love each other, but we’ve never been like that.”

Earlier this month, she told Larry King: “I am not gay. I have been accused of that.

“But I have been happily married for 42 years to the same man. And he’s not the least bit, you know, threatened by the fact that I may be gay.”

Parton, 63, has been married to husband Carl Dean since 1966.

In 2006, she said she had received hate mail due to her status as a gay icon.

“Having a big gay following, I get hate mail and threats,” she said.

She added, “Some people are blind or ignorant, and you can’t be that prejudiced and hateful and go through this world and still be happy. It’s all right to be who you are.”