Gordon Ramsay calls journalist a ‘lesbian pig’

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TV chef Gordon Ramsay has been condemned after calling a leading Australian journalist a “lesbian pig”.

He made the comment while giving a demonstration at a food show in Melbourne.

He told his audience that current affairs presenter Tracy Grimshaw, who had interviewed him on Friday evening, was “a lesbian” and “an ugly old pig”.

He then showed the audience an image of a woman doctored with the features of a pig.

“That’s Grimshaw,” he told the shocked audience. “Holy crap. She needs to see a Botox doctor.”

The chef continued to attack Grimshaw, saying “What? I’m not saying she’s a dyke.”

He added: “That’s Tracy Grimshaw. I had an interview with her yesterday. Holy crap. She needs to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor.”

In response, Grimshaw said Ramsay always had fair and generous treatment on A Current Affair.

She said: ”Truly, I wonder how many people would laugh if they were effectively described as ‘an old ugly pig’. How is that funny exactly? And worse, it’s not even witty.

“I spent all yesterday considering how to respond and I honestly thought about saying nothing at all but we all know bullies thrive when no one takes them on.

“And I’m not going to sit meekly and let some arrogant narcissist bully me.”

Grimshaw added: “And just finally, Gordon Ramsay made me promise not to ask on Friday about his private life,” she said.

“He then got on stage on Saturday and made some very clear and uninformed insinuations about mine.

“Obviously Gordon thinks that any woman that doesn’t find him attractive must be gay. For the record, I don’t and I’m not.”