Lithuanian President blocks homophobic law

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The President of Lithuania has vetoed a new law that would have banned materials that “agitate” for gay relationships from schools.

Human Rights Watch said sources in the eastern European country had confirmed that President Adamkus vetoed the Law on Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information.

The law would ban materials that “agitate for homosexual, bisexual and polygamous relations” from schools or public places where they could be seen by youth, on the grounds that they would have “detrimental effect on the development of minors”.

The country’s parliament has the option of over-riding the Presidential veto.

British MPs and peers and MEPs had condemned the law.

“It is my duty as an elected member of the European Parliament to act strongly against grave attempts to diminish human rights of EU citizens,” said Michael Cashman, president of the European Parliament’s all-party Intergroup on LGBT rights.

“This new law is a spit in the face of the European values.

“To limit freedom of expression based on homophobia is a clear breach of EU’s fundamental rights and principles.”