Welsh man accused of raping trans woman

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A man from the Welsh town of Llanelli is on trial for the rape of a trans woman.

Kiron Singh Chand, 20, of Pottery Place, is accused of forcing the alleged victim to perform oral sex on him on April 13th.

According to the South Wales Evening Post, Chand denies rape but admits causing actual bodily harm.

The prosecution described the complainant as “vulnerable”, saying she was to undergo gender reassignment surgery shortly. She has changed her name and is being referred to as a woman throughout the trial.

Swansea crown court heard that the woman had been on a night out with friends in Swansea and had ended up in Llanelli town centre.

She was approached by the defendant at 4am in a lane, prosecutor John Hipkin said. The court heard a conversation took place but then Chand allegedly ordered her to perform oral sex on him.

When she refused, he is said to have begun punching her and pushed her to the ground where he allegedly forced her to perform oral sex.

She said she then managed to run off, leaving her bag on the ground.

When first questioned, Chand denied having met the complainant or having a conversation with her.

After being positively identified, he changed his account, saying she had offered him oral sex and then hit her when she put her tongue in his mouth.

When forensic evidence showed traces of semen in her mouth which matched his DNA, Chand said he could not remember her performing oral sex although thought his trousers may have come undone. He added that she must have performed the act of her own free will.

The prosecution refutes this, saying forced her to do it.

The case continues.