Entry ban on anti-gay US ‘shock jock’ to stay in place

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A ban on a US radio presenter entering the UK will be upheld, the government has said.

Michael Savage, known for his strong views on homosexuality, Islam and abortion, was barred from entering the country in May last year.

The shock jock, whose real name is Michael Weiner, was placed on a list of undesirables by former home secretary Jacqui Smith. He was listed alongside murders and terrorists on the blacklist.

Others banned included the Westboro Baptist Church, Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal and ex-Ku Klux Klan leader Stephen “Don” Black.

The DJ says that while he has been accused of homophobia and racism, he has never incited violence.

On homosexuality, he once said: “The gay and lesbian mafia wants our children. If it can win their souls and their minds, it knows their bodies will follow.”

Another of his pet topics is autism, which he claims is a result of “brats” without fathers.

He has also made comments about killing Muslims, although in one broadcast he cited extremists’ desires to execute gays as a reason for deporting them.

Savage threatened Smith with a £100,000 lawsuit for damages after he was banned.

His case was argued in the House of Lords today.

UKIP leader Lord Pearson said the offensive remarks should be taken in the context of the show and pointed out that Savage had donated a rare botanical collection to Kew Gardens which he was barred from visiting.

But security minister Lord West countered that the remarks could lead to “intercommunity violence” and civil unrest.

He said that Savage had made comments about gays and Muslims which were “deeply offensive”.

Lord West did not read out any of the alleged comments, saying he did not wish to quote them in the Lords. Instead, he said he would submit a copy to the Lords’ library.