T-Mobile customers complain at ‘blocking’ of gay websites

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.


Customers of T-Mobile have complained that the mobile phone network bars access to gay websites.

T-Mobile, one of the UK’s largest mobile phone networks, appears to block gay-related content as unsuitable for under-18s.

This includes gay websites which contain no nudity or offensive content.

The provider has a system called Content Lock, which is automatically set on phones to filter out ‘offensive’ material. Users must confirm they are over 18 to remove the restrictions.

PinkNews.co.uk is among the websites affected, while others include gay travel websites, bar and club listings and gay culture websites.

Bryan Manley-Green, who is with T-Mobile, told PinkNews.co.uk: “This must be in breach of the Equality Act and it must be affecting gay businesses.”

Mr Manley-Green said that after a lengthy conversation with a T-Mobile customer complaints advisor and assistance from staff at a local store, he was able to access gay websites on his phone.

Several other readers contacted us about the problem, including Darcy C-Oshimida, who also could not access gay websites through his T-Mobile phone.

He said: “I think this is ridiculous and assumes that anything gay must be inappropriate for children. I believe you are losing a lot of readers this way, and important young readers at that.”

PinkNews.co.uk readers have also complained that rival networks O2 and 3 may also block access to websites with gay content.

One O2 customer has claimed that even with age verification, the service redirects from gay related websites including PinkNews.co.uk, while allowing access to heterosexual pornography.

PinkNews.co.uk will be contacting operators for statements on the issue.

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