Stephen Fry says he’s ’90 per cent gay’

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Broadcaster Stephen Fry says he believes he is “90 per cent gay” because there are two women he has been attracted to.

In his latest autobiography, the 53-year-old wrote that he had had been attracted to make-up artist Sunetra Sastry, who is the wife of his Blackadder co-star Rowan Atkinson, and novelist Caroline Oulton.

He wrote: “I am only ’90 per cent gay’, which is of course pretty damned gay, but every now and again on my path through life I have met a woman in the ten per cent bracket. Caroline at Cambridge was one, although I never told her so, and Sunetra was another.

“(Sunetra) was bright, funny and as captivatingly alluring as any girl I had met for years. I was quite seriously considering asking her out on a date when Rowan timidly approached me one morning during rehearsals for the second (Blackadder) episode and asked if I would mind swapping make-up artists with him. ‘Don’t you like the one you’ve got?’ I said. ‘N-no, it’s not that, she’s splendid’. He (Atkinson) gave me a look of uncharacteristic intensity. ‘Oh!’ I said, as the penny dropped.”
Fry was best man at Atkinson’s 1990 marriage to Sastry and said she has mocked him for not asking her out.

“‘Oh, you should have done!’ Sunetra often says to me. ‘I’d have gone out with you.’ But I know how happy she is and how right it was that I stayed silent.”