Two charged after gay Edinburgh man is beaten unconscious

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Two men have been charged over an attack in which a gay man was beaten unconscious in Edinburgh.

The retail worker, who has asked not to be named, says that he was attacked because of his sexual orientation.

He said he had been on a night out on September 19th when he was chased down Lady Lawson street by a man who punched him in the jaw.

The victim, 27, fell to the floor, hitting his head and shoulder and passing out for five minutes. He was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and treated for concussion.

He added that he did not remember much of the attack but his female friend said that four men had been shouting homophobic abuse and threatening to stab them.

The friends were at a clubnight at Edinburgh College of Art and said that the men had made abusive comments before the club closed. The attack happened at 3.15am.

Speaking to the Scotsman, he said: “I’ve lived in Edinburgh for eight years and nothing has ever happened like this before. I do know of two other guys, a couple that were attacked, but it’s not something you expect these days.

“I think it’s definitely a homophobic attack. They stood out from the rest of the people there, and they were obviously looking for trouble.”

The victim’s friend said: “It was obviously, definitely, because my friend is gay. You don’t expect people to do something like that. It’s so backwards.”

The two men charged with the attack are to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court later. They are aged 27 and 21.