Emmerdale star sorry for ‘abusing’ gay fan

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Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas has apologised after allegedly abusing a gay fan.

Thomas, who plays Adam Barton in the soap, was in a MacDonald’s in Leeds when Ricky Platts, 22, approached him to say hello.

Mr Platts told the Sun he was shocked when the actor said: “Yeah, what about it, gay boy?”

He said the Emmerdale star then began “hopping up and down like a madman” and called him and a friend, who was dressed in drag, “queers”.

“I couldn’t believe that someone who is meant to be a role model would do something like that,” the student told the paper.

Thomas’ character is currently supporting supporting his friend Aaron Livesy, who recently came out as gay in the soap.

In a statement, the actor said: “I deeply apologise for my actions and am horrified to realise that I have caused offence.”