Ricky Martin says he’ll get married when Puerto Rico allows it

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin says he will marry his partner when his home country legalises gay marriage.

The star has not revealed the name of his long-term boyfriend, but says they would get married if they could.

Appearing on the Larry King show, he said: “I would get married… There are many countries around the world where same-sex marriage is a right. Not in Puerto Rico, unfortunately. And not in many states in America.

“Yes, we could go to Spain and get married. We can go to Argentina and get married. But why do we have to go somewhere else? Why can’t I do it in my country where the laws are – you know, protecting me?”

He added: “I can go to Spain. I have many friends in Spain. And get married. And make it very beautiful and symbolic. But… I [can’t] do it in the backyard of my house. I want to have that option. I don’t want to be a second class citizen anymore. I pay my taxes. Why can’t I have that right?”

Martin came out last year. He is currently promoting his autobiography Me, which was published this week in English and Spanish.