Mumbai multiplexes ban gay film

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

India’s answer to Brokeback Mountain has reportedly been banned by some of Mumbai’s multiplexes for its gay content.

Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun, a gay romance, was released last Friday after getting past the country’s film censors.

According to the Times of India, one of the film’s actors says the Cinemax and Fun Cinemas multiplexes do not want to screen it.

Kapil Sharma, who plays a married bisexual man in the film, said: “They told our distributors that ours is a gay film and their theatres are meant for family audiences. They don’t want to entertain a film with gay content.

“Some of the so-called enlightened sections of Mumbai feel the problems of the gay community are now solved, just because nowadays weekend gay parties happen at shady joints.

“I wish these misguided liberals would look around to see how difficult life is for the gay community.”

An official from Cinemax told IANS that the film was “quite explicit for its family audiences”.