TV preview: Scott Mills explores homophobia in Uganda

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In a BBC Three programme to be broadcast next week, gay Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills travels to Uganda to find out about life for gay citizens.

Uganda is considered a dangerous place for gays and lesbians and one of the country’s most prominent gay rights activists was found beaten to death in his home last week.

Last year, a bill was tabled to strengthen punishments for homosexuality, including the death penalty in “aggravated cases”

In ‘The World’s Worst Place to be Gay?’, the DJ meets victims of the country’s anti-gay attitudes and those who seek to eradicate homosexuality.

He is seen meeting MP David Bahati, who tabled the latest anti-gay legislation.

Bahati, who becomes annoyed when he realises he is being interviewed by a gay man, later sends police after Mills.

He also meets Giles Muhame, of the Rolling Stone newspaper which called for gays to be hung, and Pastor Solomon Male, a member of the National Coalition against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuses in Uganda, who tries to convince Mills he can become straight.

In one scene, Mills is shown testing out a “traditional healing method” which promises to turn people straight.

Others who feature in the film are young LGBT Ugandans who are forced to leave home and suffer threats of violence.

One woman, Stosh Mugisha, tells how she was raped by a man who tried to “cure” her of being a lesbian.

‘The World’s Worst Place to be Gay?’ will be shown on BBC Three at 9pm on Monday February 14th.