Clerics furious at Londonderry gay sauna

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Protestant ministers in Londonderry are furious over a newly-opened gay sauna in the city.

The Cage, on John Street, opened last week, although it does not yet have planning permission.

As well as a sauna, it has a steam room, a cinema and private rooms.

At least two Protestant ministers say they will fight the planning permission application, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

The Reverend Ian Brown from the Free Presbyterian Church in the Waterside, called the sauna a “sordid little hovel” and said he was “repulsed” by the “nefarious and shameful development”.

Mark Bradford, a minister with the Bethnal Baptist Church in Derry, said it was a “sordid, sinful carbuncle on the face of Derry”.

He added that visitors were involved in “killer behaviour”.

The owner of the The Cage, Barry McGonigle, said it made financial business sense to set up in London Derry.

“While I wouldn’t exactly welcome protests, I will weather the storm,” he added.