Foster’s deny homophobia in new ad

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Foster’s responded to complaints about their latest ad by saying that to promote homophobia “would be totally unacceptable and it has no place in our business.”

The Foster’s spokesperson added: “The humour in our ad is derived from a particular set of circumstances where our character seeks advice from Brad & Dan – it plays on his perception of the awkwardness of the situation; and to the Aussie “no worries” attitude to life.”

Foster’s had “noted a small number of negative comments” about the ad, and yesterday noticed comments on Twitter and YouTube, including one that said:“Men are often uncomfortable about close contact because they’re scared they might be thought gay. This fear is exactly what this advert taps into. Funny? Depends on how important you think it is that gay men should be able to respect themselves.”

Foster’s also said: “Humour has the power to unite, and occasionally to divide opinion – but we sincerely hope that the vast majority of viewers will accept our best intentions to make a funny and well meaning commercial.”

The majority of comments on seem to agree the ad is in good humour, and is not homophobic.