Trans woman loses legal battle for breast implants

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A trans woman has lost her legal battle to have breast implants funded by the NHS.

The 59-year-old patient, known as C, challenged a decision by West Berkshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) not to provide the money but the Court of Appeal ruled today that the PCT was entitled to make the refusal.

C had received hormone treatment for breast growth since 1996 but had failed to grow breasts “appropriate” to her body size.

The PCT said it would not fund surgery carried out “purely for cosmetic reasons”

In May, the High Court ruled that the PCT was entitled to refuse funding for the treatment and today, three appeal judges backed the decision, Press Association reports.

C had argued that her emotional well-being was damaged by the refusal and that her human rights had been violated. She also claimed she was a victim of sex discrimination.

Her lawyer Stephanie Harrison said C thought of herself as a woman already but needed the surgery to become female “psychologically and physically”.