Video: Jake Gyllenhaal on all those gay rumours

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Jake Gyllenhaal has joked that he understands why some people think he’s gay.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Brokeback Mountain star revealed people had mistaken his childhood best friend for his lover.

The actor said: “Me and my best friend have known each other since we were six and I took him to a lot of award ceremonies when Brokeback Mountain was doing the awards circuit.

“So once we were in London and he was helping me knot my tie and my publicist and a reporter walked in. And they were like, ‘We are so sorry, we did not mean to interrupt you guys. And we were like, ‘What? No!'”

Gyllenhaal added that his friend’s enthuastic reaction to his Bafta win also raised eyebrows.

“He shouted, ‘Yeah baby!’,” he said. “And literally, everyone was like, ‘Did he just call him baby?'”