Safe sex message for Attitude’s ‘naked issue’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Attitude magazine’s annual ‘naked issue’ is urging readers to use condoms and get tested for HIV.

This month’s issue, which features the boys from Blue on the cover, is packed with safe sex advice and slogans such as ‘Last night a condom saved my life’.

Editor Matthew Todd said he was inspired to give the issue a strong safe sex message by an old friend who died at the age of 32 because his HIV infection was diagnosed too late.

He said: “I am saying that the situation is out of control and people – young people in particular – need to wake up, especially about the sad truth that we are more at risk than straight people, despite many young gay men not realising that.”

In an editor’s letter, Mr Todd criticised HIV charities and accused them of seeming “nervous about explicitly telling us to use a condom”.

He wrote: “Today, HIV is a condition with which many people have a decent quality of life. We all hope and pray that this will last.

“But the fact is that if you are positive you will have to go through the emotional trauma of dealing with your diagnosis and the hassle of having to monitor your health constantly.

“You’ll be reliant on drugs that can have severe side- effects to keep you alive and you’ll have to deal with the ignorance that shamefully still exists in the world. Some say it’s like having diabetes – but who the hell would have diabetes if they could help it!”

As well as plenty of naked men, the issue features a comprehensive guide to safer sex, including advice on using condoms, lube and getting tested.