Elton John to carry out paternity test for son

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Sir Elton John has said that he intends to find out who the real father of his son is.

Sir Elton and his husband David Furnish became parents last Christmas when their son Zachary Jackson-Levon was born to a surrogate mother. At the time, the couple said they had no intention of finding out which of them was the real father.

However, the singer has now said he intends to carry out a DNA test incase Zachary ever needs to know who his blood father is for medical reasons.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Sir Elton said: “Zac will have to know for his medical records. If it’s David, I’d be very proud. It wouldn’t matter to me – and vice versa.”

Originally, the couple had said they didn’t want their son to know who his biological father was because they wanted him to see them as equal parents.

Sir Elton reportedly said that although he hoped to discover he was the blood father, he would be equally happy if it turned out to be Furnish.

A friend of the couple told the London Evening Standard that the 64-year-old rock singer did want his bloodline to continue “but also took on board advice that a younger man may be a more appropriate donor.” The friend added: “It is a very complicated arrangement – but one forged by love.”