Muslim area sent fake gay election leaflets

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Homes in a largely Muslim area of Leicester have been sent fake election leaflets about the Liberal Democrats’ gay rights policies.

The leaflets, first reported by the Political Scrapbook blog, feature the party’s logo next to a rainbow flag and include an image of two men kissing.

Text says: “We will force all schools to teach homosexuality as normal …Our front bench team [sic] Simon Hughes and David Laws are committed homosexuals, while Nick Clegg was recently voted by readers of Pink Times [sic] as the sexiest party leader.”

A Liberal Democrat party spokesman said the leaflets were fake and were distributed in the Spinney Hills area of Leicester South, where a by-election is being held today.

He could not say how many households received them.

The spokesman added: “Some of this leaflet is completely true and we are very proud of our record in championing gay rights. However, this a fake leaflet maliciously designed to incite hatred. It is disgusting attempt to provoke hate during the last days of a political campaign. It has no place in politics and it has no place in society.”