US bride refused a dress for ‘illegal’ gay wedding

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A New Jersey bridal shop refused service to a bride-to-be when they discovered she was engaged to another woman.

The shopkeepers of Here Comes the Bridge in the US state, became suspicious when Alix Genter amended her order form to read ‘partner’ rather than ‘groom’.

When manager Donna Saber discovered the fiancé was a fiancée, Genter claims, she refused service.

She told the bride-to-be that marriage between two women is “wrong” and an “illegal action”.

But Saber was unwavering in the face of media interest. She told ABC News: “When I mentioned it to her [the change of ‘groom’ to ‘partner’], ‘Oh, I see you crossed out groom and put in partner,’ I got a barrage. I literally got a barrage of ‘bigot’ and other really cruel words.

“I might be the kind of person that when you get at me, I might continue the fight, and maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I have my beliefs.

Saber said she was entitled to point out that a union between two members of the same sex is not valid in the state. “If she had remained calm, I would have been able to tell her, that it’s illegal, it’s an illegal action, that her marriage was illegal. “

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Genter was planning an official wedding ceremony in New York, where gay marriage is legal.