Kent gay man guilty of assaulting homophobic, disabled father

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A gay man has pleaded guilty to battery charges after his homophobic father continually asked him for money, the Faversham Times reports.

At the time, Mark Shaw, 47, was living with his father in the Kent market town of Faversham.

Mr Shaw’s father, Peter, is 80. He suffers from emphysema and must carry an oxygen tank around the clock.

Maidstone Magistrates Court was told the younger Mr Shaw had been worn down over time by his father’s “snide” homophobic jibes, which had begun when he was 15.

The court heard that the elder Mr Shaw would frequently ask to borrow money from his son and not repay it.

On the day of the incident, he had asked his son for cash to pay for a taxi, because he was yet to receive an electronic mobility scooter.

His son dealt him a blow to the head, which caused bruising to his ear.

Mark Shaw has since moved from the house, and will return to the court on 7 September for sentencing.