Man jailed for setting his dog on woman in anti-gay attack

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A Manchester man has been jailed for six and a half months for setting his dog on a woman in a homophobic attack.

Jason Boswell, of Dean Road, Gorton, set his Japanese Akita on Karen Wilson in an unprovoked attack while she and another woman were cycling on the Fallowfield Loop last July.

Ms Wilson told the Manchester Evening News that Boswell began shouting homophobic abuse at them before trying to get his girlfriend to attack them.

He then shoved her friend Melanie Silgram off her bike and lashed her with a dog chain.

As he walked away, Ms Wilson took a photo of him to give to police.

He then returned and ordered his dog to “get” Ms Wilson.

It sank its teeth into her arm, causing puncture wounds and severe bruising.

Judge Williams at Manchester crown court told Boswell his behaviour had been “disgraceful”.

He decided not to have the dog destroyed after reading behaviour references and watching a video of it.