Video: Dutch anti-gay bullying website reports 200 cases in less than a month

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A gay magazine in the Netherlands is surprised by the amount of people who have contacted the publication to report homophobic abuse.

Gay Kraut’s new website is designed to give advice on combatting anti-gay hatred and homophobic violence.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief Henk Krol said the company is liaising with the country’s Public Prosecutors Service.

It has promised to do more on tackling the problem.

According to Radio Netherlands, all police forces in the country will now be issued with guidelines to help them deal with anti-gay bullying.

COC, the Dutch LGBT support group has been raising awareness about the problem in schools.

It claims that at least half of all Dutch LGBT pupils do not feel safe enough to be open about their sexuality and that 50 per cent say they have a problem with being gay.

COC are now running Gay Straight Alliances in schools across the Netherlands in order to encourage greater tolerance and acceptance.

On 2nd December, Dutch schools with GSAs are allowing students to wear purple armbands and buttons as a way of showing defiance against homophobia.

The organisation has also produced an online film ahead of the event.

It shows students in a classroom using homophobic language about a boy called David.

An image is then shown of him hanging dead having committed suicide.