Erotic lampshade maker takes phallic chandelier on tour

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Swallow and Bone, a manufacturer of lampshades and products which enhance “sensual ambience”, is marketing a phallic chandelier, titled Priapus.

The manufacturer says it has taken stylistic influences from the fetish and bondage industries, to create a light fitting adorned with six hand-sculpted phalluses cast in translucent resin.

The phalluses allow the chandelier, which has been handmade in Cornwall, to “radiate an atmospheric light”.

The 68kg fixture, which is nearly six feet tall and 59 inches wide, is lit by 48 individual LEDs.

Each LED has a projected lifespan of 50,000 hours, which should reduce maintenance.

The manufacturer, Steve Jarvis, and his daughter are touring with the Priapus chandelier in Amsterdam and the UK following its nomination for a 2011 Erotica Award.

In December it will appear at the Sexy Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

A limited edition run of 25 chandeliers will be produced, priced at £15,000 each.