New once-a-day HIV drug launched ahead of World AIDS Day

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The European Commission has given marketing authorisation to a new once-daily tablet for the treatment of HIV.

Gilead Sciences new drug Eviplera will be used commercially in 27 countries of the European Union.

It will be the second single-tablet HIV regimen to be authorised in the EU, with both being marketed by Gilead.

Dr. Mark Nelson, Service Director for the HIV Directorate, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, said: “As people with HIV are living and remaining on treatment longer, the availability of new simplified therapeutic options has become even more critical.

“Eviplera has the potential to be an important new treatment option for patients starting HIV therapy because it streamlines an effective HIV treatment regimen into a single daily tablet.”

John C. Martin, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gilead Sciences said: “Gilead continues to lead the development of single-tablet regimens because we and our partners recognize the ongoing need to simplify HIV therapy.

“With Eviplera, we are pleased to expand the therapeutic options for European patients, and are now working with national authorities to ensure the regimen is made available across the EU as quickly as possible.”

Gilead cites the cost of HIV treatment to the NHS at £1 billion annually.

Jason Warriner, Terrence Higgins Trust’s Clinical Director, said: “We welcome this new treatment option in a combination pill for people living with HIV. Every day we continue to learn more about the virus and advances in new drug treatments such as this offer new and beneficial choices for people living with HIV and their prescribing clinicians.

“HIV drug treatments give people with HIV the chance to lead longer and healthier lives. This new option which involves talking just one pill a day is good news for people who may have difficulty managing the number of pills that they have to take.”