‘Homophobic’ teacher struck off

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A substitute teacher who verbally and physically abused his students, including using homophobic language, has been struck off, and is banned from teaching indefinitely.

A disciplinary panel heard that, whilst teaching at East Brighton College of Media Arts in 2003, Jason Gibbs used homophobic language towards his students, which included the words “poofs” and “batty boys”.

The Huffington Post reports that he told one student: “don’t go into the shower because this group will start bending you over and do you up the ass”.

One student was held by the back of the neck and pushed to the ground by Gibbs, who knelt on the child’s already injured knee, causing it to bleed, the General Teaching Council for England heard.

The panel, chaired by Minna Nathoo, also heard that he used other terms such as “wanker” and “fat twat”.

Whilst at Glenmoor Girls School, Bournemouth, Gibbs addressed a student as “chinky” and “china doll”.

Gibbs had resigned from each job as disciplinary action was being initiated for the alleged incidents, and continued to be given teaching positions by withholding information. He faced allegations from four different schools he had taught at.

Qualifying as a teacher in 2000, Gibbs found out that he had depression in 2003, and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2008.

He hadn’t disclosed this information to more than four schools that he worked at between 2000 and 2009, both in a permanent and substitute capacity..

On these diagnoses, Gibbs said they had: “significantly affected his teaching career”.

He denied the allegations, saying that there was “a conspiracy” among the students, and on the accusation of “dunking” a weak swimmer, he claimed that he had “guided him underwater to build his confidence”.

Gibbs told the GTCE that he had “always wanted to be a teacher and cared deeply about the education of young people”.

On the derogatory language used towards his students, Ms Nathoo said: “Such remarks tend to humiliate and offend pupils. They also show a lack of respect by the teacher, who in addition is expected to be a role model.

“In order to obtain his later jobs, he withheld relevant information. His misconduct is serious. It resulted in pupils being put at serious risk of physical harm.”

Despite denying the allegations, Gibbs was struck off the teaching register, is barred from teaching, and cannot challenge this decision for two years.