Teacher under review after homophobic rant is caught on camera

Youth baseball coach and New York City teacher Juan Ynoa

A New York City teacher is under review after he was caught on camera shouting homophobic slurs and making a threat of sexual assault from his car to another driver.

Youth baseball coach and teacher at Flushing High School, Juan Ynoa, was filmed shouting while driving earlier this month.

Matthew Kevelson, who recorded the video and was subjected to Ynoa’s tirade, said the incident kicked off after the teacher allegedly cut across three lanes of traffic.

He told NBC News that Ynoa said: “‘I’m gonna r-word you, you f*****g,’ then another f-word that’s very bad.

“Let’s just say homophobic slurs were shouted.” 

In the video, Ynoa can also be heard saying: “You f*****g jerk off”. The name of his baseball team, the New York Longhorns, can be seen on his shirt as he gets out of the car. 

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On 24 September, the baseball team took to Facebook to confirm that Ynoa has been “relieved of his duties” following the altercation. 

“The actions, words and sentiments expressed by the former member do not align in any way with the Longhorns’ core values and mission to provide a positive and supportive place for baseball players to develop into young adults both on and off the field,” a statement read. 

Ynoa has not made a public comment about the incident.

The Department of Education confirmed to NBC New York that he had been reassigned “away from students” following the incident.

On 10 September, musician Kevelson shared screenshots of the tirade to Ynoa’s team management.

He said: “This guy is around children. If he’s a coach, if he’s a teacher in the community, a leader of the community, he can’t be acting like that in public.” 

In April, a PE teacher was banned from the classroom after being found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct, which included using a homophobic slur when talking about Queen star Freddie Mercury.