Westboro to picket boys’ funeral over gay marriage law

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The homophobic Westboro Baptist Church has said it will picket the funeral of two young boys who were killed by their father at the weekend after the Washington state legislature voted in favour of gay marriage.

The notorious church will attend the funeral of the Charlie and Braden Powell in Tacoma, Washington.

Margie Phelps, son of the church’s head Fred Phelps, tweeted that after gay marriage legislation in Washington was passed God had “cursed” the state by having Josh Powell kill his sons in a fire.

She said the picket would “remind” Washington Governor Christine Gregoire that the boys had died “because of her rebellion”.

In January, Gregoire gave her support to proposed equal marriage legislation for Washington which has now passed through the state’s senate and house of representatives.

She said last week: “As governor, I believe the state of Washington cannot be in the business of discrimination. As an American, a wife and mother, marriage equality is fair, just, and right. And it is time.”

Governor Gregoire is expected to sign the equal marriage bill into law on Monday.

A thousand people joined a Facebook event to “create a buffer” between the protesters and the funeral.

Occupy Seattle said it would also protest against Westboro.

The funeral is due to take place tomorrow morning.