David Walliams teases Simon Cowell with gay jokes on Jonathan Ross show

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Talent show mogul Simon Cowell was left visibly squirming during the filming of the Jonathan Ross show after Little Britain star David Walliams repeatedly teased the X Factor boss questions on his sexuality.

The pair were appearing on the ITV show to promote the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, on which they are both judges.

Walliams told Ross, “The main question I get is, ‘Is Simon gay?’ Even my mum asks. She says, ‘He’s nice. Is he gay?’ Even my mum was going, ‘Yeah he is really nice – is he gay?’… Well we know the answer to that. With the gay thing, the jury is still out.” Cowell recently broke off his engagement to American Idol make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy.

Cowell was seen to be visibly cringing during the jokes telling Walliams: “Most of this will be edited out.”

But Walliams continued to joke: “At 12 o’clock at night you’re working quite hard – because that’s when the ladyboys come round.”

Simon Cowell tweeted: ‘Did Jonathan Ross show last night with @davidwalliams – he’s out of control. Just wait till BGT starts David, I’ll get my own back!’