David Walliams faces backlash as viewers grow tired of ‘faux gay’ routine on Britain’s Got Talent

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Britain’s Got Talent host David Williams has faced backlash from viewers who are growing tired of his “faux gay” routine.

Walliams often flirts with male contestants on the show, but viewers are beginning to label the running joke as “offensive”.

On the Saturday night show Walliams joked and flirted with policeman Daniel Graham, 33.

Some fans of the show said that the suggestive comments had grown to be inappropriate and the routine was now “demeaning”.

On Twitter one person wrote: “David Walliams & his camp screaming queen act is so tedious. Why does a straight man have to act in such a lecherous way towards men?”

Another added: “Walliams pimps homosexuality so frivolously. Why does everyone accept it?”

“David Walliams playing gay for laughs is starting to be not that funny,” someone else said.

The majority were annoyed that homosexuality had come to be the butt of the joke of Wallias’ comedy.

Someone wrote: “Genuinely very rude how David walliams is like HAHA BEING GAY IS HILARIOUS, kind of like demeaning”

“Do people still find David Walliams pretending to be gay still funny?”

However, some have taken to defending the 45-year-old comedian and insisted that it was wrong to “assume his sexuality”.

Walliams, who has a son with his ex-wife Lara Stone, has been open about his sexuality in the past.

The Little Britain star once said that his life would be “simpler” if he wasn’t attracted to women.

He previously said that he “played up” to the public assumption that he was gay.

The comedian admitted that he is “quite camp” but said he was baffled by the level of interest there was in people’s sexuality.

The judge said he wasn’t bothered by the rumours around his personal life, especially as he rose to fame in the early 2000s.