British singer comes out as bisexual and says “everyone is gay”

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

British singer/songwriter, Neon Hitch, has come out as bisexual in an interview in which she discusses her mother, living with Amy Winehouse and a “wonderful” night she shared with an unnamed woman.

The singer and songwriter, 26, described herself as “kind of a lesbian” when speaking to the New York Post. She also said: “I have a personal belief that everybody’s gay. Maybe some people don’t know it.”

Discussing a romantic night with an unnamed woman, she said: “I really don’t want to say her name, but she’s not with us anymore. [She was] the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met. She introduced me to being kind of a lesbian. She’s not with us now, but she’s looking down upon us.”

Former trapeze artist, and street performer, Hitch, said that she believed she realised she was bisexual through her mother, who found an attraction to women, after problems with her relationship.

Neon Hitch, co-writer of “Blah Blah Blah” by American artist, Ke$ha, has recorded her debut album, which is said to be released some time this summer.

Fellow pop star, Jessie J, also openly bisexual, said that her music executives had felt “uncomfortable” when they found out she was bisexual, but said “after a while they weren’t because I wasn’t.