US: Accused in brutal murder case said he did it to ‘make the world a better place’

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Jury selection will take place next week in a case where the young lover of a Portuguese writer admitted bludgeoning him to death and castrating him.

Renato Seabra, 21, an underwear model said he wanted “to make the world a better place,” by ending the life of his lover, Carlos Castro, 65, in a New York hotel, last year.

Manhattan Supreme Court, Justice Michael Obus, allowed Mr Seabra’s confession into evidence during a pretrial hearing today.

The New York Post reported that Mr Seabra is to plead insanity, to say that he wasn’t in control of his actions, which included hitting Mr Castro with a television and a wine bottle, and using a corkscrew to castrate him.

Richard Tirelli, Manhattan South Detective, said: “He states he was enraged and could not control the virus of the spread of homosexuality to the world,”

After hitting Mr Castro with the TV, and a wine bottle, the detective said:

“He said they were the demons, and he needed to cut it out,” the detective testified. “Cutting off his testicles — that would make everything in the world right.”

The couple were on a trip together, and were staying in a Times Square hotel, but reports suggest that Mr Seabra had begun to “second guess” his homosexuality, despite saying that he loved Mr Castro.

The defendant became angry when the holiday was not cut short, as Mr Castro had promised.

If successful in his insanity plea, Mr Seabra would face an indefinite stay in a psychiatric facility, or if he is unsuccessful he could serve 25 years to life, in prison for murder.

Jury selection will take place on Wednesday.

The case continues.