George Takei beams into Archie Comics’ gay teen series Kevin Keller

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Gay actor George Takei, whose best known for his portrayal as Star Trek’s Mr Sulu, crosses a new frontier this week appearing as himself in an issue of Archie Comics’ series about Kevin Keller, an openly gay teenager whose popularity has resulted in his own series.

According to the Associated Press, Takei says his appearance fits nicely with his real-life advocacy for equal rights and shows that anyone can aspire to be what they want to be, no matter who they are.

Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics’ co-chief executive officer, said writer and artist Dan Parent “met George at a convention and asked him if he’d be interested in appearing in the Kevin Keller comic, and being a huge Star Trek fan I flipped when he agreed.”

Goldwater added: “Sulu was always my favorite character so I said do whatever it takes to get him in the comic.”

Takei, for his part, says he hopes to beam down to Riverdale again.

In the comic Takei is the subject of an essay by Keller who cites him as an inspirational hero – not just for his acting – but his advocating on behalf of Asian-Americans and gays and lesbians, too.

“I remember as a preteen and a teenager, I used to read Archie Comics,” said Takei, 75, who grew up in California. “I was so flattered.”

In an interview with in 2011, Takei spoke about his decision to come out in 2005, and how he met his partner at a gay running club.