Matt Damon says Michael Douglas is a ‘wonderful kisser’

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Hollywood actor Matt Damon has been talking about undertaking an intimate romantic scene with Michael Douglas’ character in the upcoming HBO film Behind the Candelabra – which is about the late American pianist Liberace and his younger lover Scott Thorson.

“For one scene, I had to come out of the pool, go over to Michael Douglas, straddle him on a chaise lounge and start kissing him. It’s not like I kiss him just once. We drew it up like a football plan,” Damon tells Playboy in the magazine’s January/February issue.

And with regard to Douglas’ kissing technique, Damon adds, “Michael was a wonderful kisser.”

Douglas depicts Liberace in the upcoming movie, with Damon playing Scott Thorston.

Damon previously had played a gay man in the 1999 film The Talented Mr Ripley and pretended to be gay in a 2002 episode of the NBC sitcom Will & Grace.