Associated Press updates its style guide on whether to call married gay couples ‘husband’ or ‘wife’

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The Associated Press is once again under scrutiny for terms used to describe the LGBT community.

The Huffington Post reports that the foremost authority on journalistic style and standards released an internal memo saying “husband” and “wife” can be used in AP stories, but generally the AP uses words like “couples” or “partners” when refering to those in a civil union or same-sex marriage.

However, this was quickly revised once media industry watchdog journalist Jim Romenesko published the memo on his blog.

The updated AP memo states “husband” or “wife” can be used if those involved regularly used those terms.

Some say this isn’t good enough. Robert Kessler of the news website Gawker says the memo seems to indicate “a jaring separate by equal standard for married couples.”

The AP drew similar criticism in November when it said it would stop using the word “homophobia.”

Last year, Sir Elton John argued that introducing equal marriage in the UK would mean that he would feel able to call his civil partner, David Furnish, his “husband”.

Sir Elton said: “If we legalise gay marriage in Britain, you can bet your last penny that I’ll be pushing to call him my husband at the first opportunity”.