Anti-gay group leader: ‘School administrators allowing gender identity policy are like Nazi concentration camp guards’

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The leader of an anti-gay conservative group in the US state of Massachusetts appeared on a Christian radio show yesterday and said teachers upholding a policy in Massachusetts which aims to protect trans students were like “Nazi concentration camp guards”.

Brian Camenker, the founder of MassResistance, a group opposed to equal rights for gay people, said he didn’t believe somebody could “change their sex” through gender reassignment, and that he didn’t believe gay people existed, reports Right Wing Watch.

Appearing on VCY radio, he claimed that LGBT rights advocates “take advantage of these very vulnerable kids at a vulnerable time in their lives,” arguing that gay people do not exist.

He claimed: “You know, a lot of doctors have said to me that nobody is homosexual, they are just heterosexuals with homosexual problems and yes, change is possible.”

He went on to say that he didn’t believe people should undergo gender reassignment surgery, and attacked the new policy in his state which aims to protect transgender students.

He said: “It’s insanity. I mean a boy cannot change his sex; your DNA does not change and you can call yourself something different, you can dress differently, you can take hormones, you are always a boy. The damage that this does to everybody, including the person involved and everybody around, is just unfathomable.

“These school administrators, you know I mean you think of them as what the Nazi concentration camp guards must have been like where they are doing this horrible evil and they are just taking orders or something, they believe in it. People need to rise up because it is only going to get worse.”

Last week Camenker claimed that a recent study on anti-LGBT bullying in schools was “propaganda” and went on to doubt the existence of gay and trans students.