T-Pain slams ‘homophobic idiots’ on Twitter

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Rapper and music producer T-Pain slammed “homophobic idiots” on Twitter earlier this week, condemning people for misjudging his gay assistant.

The Grammy award-winner posted the remarks on his Twitter account on April 16, after seeing people looking at his assistant in a way that suggested to him “That guy wants my butt”.

He suggested that the kind of people who would believe that a gay man would harass them tended to be “fugly” and “not attractive” to straight women or gay men.

He said:-



T-Pain later posted a picture on Instagram “In the club with the gayest and best assistant for the stars to touch this earth.”

Last week rapper Azealia Banks, who has been involved in controversy in the past for using homophobic slurs, took to Twitter during a feud with fellow rapper A$AP Rocky, and said the straight artist should “come out of the closet” because he insulted her lipstick.

Earlier in April Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dog, said he didn’t know if being gay would ever be “acceptable” in the rap industry “because rap is so masculine.” Snoop also confirmed that he supports equal marriage, and said that he has “no issues with nobody”.

A$AP Rocky late in March spoke out about homosexuality in the music industry, and said that “it’s crazy” that it is still an issue.