Bryan Fischer says forced drowning ‘would be better’ than inclusion in the Boy Scouts

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Anti-gay Christian radio host Bryan Fischer has tweeted his distaste at the decision to allow gay members into the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), tweeting a bible reference suggesting drowning would be better than inclusion.

The final vote took place yesterday in Dallas-Fort Worth, Grapevine, where over 60% of the 1,400 strong national council of local leaders, voted to lift the national ban.

The lifting of the ban will take effect on 1 January 2014, and will mean local scouting troops can decide on whether or not to allow gay members. A ban on openly-gay adult scout leaders and volunteers remains in place.

Fischer, the head of the American Family Association, tweeted the reference to Luke 17:2, directly addressing the BSA, and suggesting that forced drowning would be better than the inclusion of gay members.

Fischer tweeted in January to say that a convicted paedophile was the new “poster boy” for the BSA. He said: ”Jerry Sandusky is now the poster boy for the Boy Scouts of America,” on the announcement that it would consider lifting the ban. He did not note, however, that Sandusky would not have been affected by the ban, as he was married to a woman.

He later tweeted: “A homosexual does not belong in the same tent with young boys any more than a man belongs in a tent full of Girl Scouts.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry, also voiced his disappointment at the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to lift its national ban on gay youth members, saying that he was “greatly disappointed” in the decision.