Poll: Majority of older generation Americans now support same-sex relations

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A new poll has found that a majority of older generation Americans now morally support gay and lesbian relations.

Historically, polls have found that older generations support gay and lesbian couples less than younger generations, however the most recent Gallup poll on the issue found that a majority of those over 55, now say they morally support “gay and lesbian relations”.

Such support has almost doubled since 2001, when only 26% of that generation morally approved of homosexuality.

Researchers have suggested that, as twelve years have passed, many more of those who were younger in 2001 are now included in that age bracket, possibly explaining the growing support.

In the same Gallup poll, it was found that people aged 18-34 morally supported gay or lesbian relations by 74%, up from the lowest – 47% in 2002 – and those aged 35-54 were at 54%, up from 42% in 2001.


Image: Gallup

The US Supreme Court is expected to rule by the end of June on two cases surrounding equal marriage. One is on whether to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, which federally bans same-sex marriages, and the other is on California’s Proposition 8, which is a state-wide ban on equal marriage.