Majority of Americans concerned about anti-LGBTQ+ policies in schools, new poll finds

Children sit in a classroom holding their hands up

More than half of Americans are concerned about the anti-LGBTQ+ policies that are being enforced in schools, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by polling service Navigator, examined data gathered from 1,000 registered voters across the US from 17-21 August to determine their stance on the country’s education policies.

A vast majority of those surveyed agreed that Republican policies that lawmakers recently passed or attempted to pass are a great cause for concern.

The least popular policies were book bans (92 per cent of respondents expressed concern), and mandatory genital inspections for student-athletes before they’re allowed to play on sports teams (84 per cent of respondents expressed concern).

Among Democratic voters, 93 per cent were concerned about mandatory genital inspections. And among Republican voters, 87 per cent were concerned.

Other Republican policies that faced opposition from respondents included suing or suspending teachers if they show LGBTQ+ support (71 per cent of respondents expressed concern), prohibiting teachers from teaching AP African American History in high schools (80 per cent of respondents expressed concern), and prohibiting teachers from teaching age-appropriate lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity (66 per cent of respondents expressed concern).

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Voters care more about students’ mental health, education quality, and protection from gun violence than whether they learn about gender in the classroom

When asked about the top three topics that voters care about in the classroom, just 28 per cent of responders listed “preventing children being exposed to woke issues about gender and race in school.”

Of that 28 per cent, a vast majority came from Republican respondents. That being said, while 50 per cent of Republican respondents listed it as one of their top three priorities, an even higher 64 per cent of Republican respondents favoured making sure that students “learn the things they need to know to be successful in school and life.”

Issues like gun violence (58 per cent listed as a priority), ensuring a well-rounded, quality education (55 per cent listed as a priority), and mental health protection (35 per cent listed as a priority) were most concerning to voters.

A survey on the biggest concerns in US education.
Top priorities among voters, according to the poll. (Navigator Research)

The findings of this poll back up a recent survey from Fox News that found more than half of US voters believe transgender children are being wrongly targeted by political attacks.

The survey, published in April 2023, found that only one per cent of voters think that so-called ‘wokeness’ is a problem.

Despite the growing pile of data, transgender rights are still being heavily targeted by state legislatures and policies across the US.

From devastating anti-LGBTQ+ education policies to severe bans on gender-affirming care for transgender and non-binary youths, the LGBTQ+ community is still bearing the brunt of Republican politics.

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