Barbados: Columnist and retired school teacher says ‘AIDS is punishment’ and ‘anus made for exit only’

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A columnist and retired school teacher in Barbados says “AIDS” is “punishment” for engaging in gay sex.

In an article for the Caribbean island’s Nation News titled “Abnormal behaviour: No Laughing Matter”, Mac Fingall, who works as a singer and entertainer used graphic descriptions of gay sex to illustrate his argument.

Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Barbados, with a life sentence available to those convicted, although the law is rarely enforced. The Queen is Head of State and the country inherited its anti-gay laws from being part of the British empire.

Mr Fingall warned that global discussion on homosexuality and same-sex marriage “could spell the end of mankind.”

He said: “Sex between two men or between two women cannot produce children – therefore it will be seen as non-productive. But can it be seen as normal?

“The way the human body is designed holds the answer to the question. The female body is designed to accommodate the male body and the male body is designed to fit the female body. This cannot be a mere coincidence.

“This has to be an act of God, or for those who do not understand ‘God’ it has to be an act of nature – the phenomena of physical life not dominated by man. Therefore, this has to be seen as natural and normal.

“It should now be clear that the sexual activity between “same-sexes” or homosexuals is not normal.”

Mr Fingall then applied his own medical thinking to the argument.

“Some people talk about the morality of homosexual behaviour. Personally, I don’t even get that far. I believe that it is physiologically wrong for men to engage in sexual activity with other men. The anus is made for exit only.”

He said: “The sphincter muscle, which is an involuntary muscle, is designed to snap shut so tightly that nothing can pass – not even the slightest seepage.

“The constant probing and invasion of the anus can and does cause the sphincter muscle to lose its elasticity and as a result it then cannot shut as tightly as it was originally designed to do.

“The result is that because of this abnormal act – homosexual activity – the individual whose sphincter muscle is not functioning as it should now has to wear diapers.

“Does this not prove that the human body is not designed for this behaviour – male or female?

“Then there is the problem of faeces (excrement) getting into the bloodstream. If there is any broken skin, the faeces can enter the bloodstream and the result can be “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”, better as AIDS.”

He added: “In my opinion, AIDS, being the result of this abnormal act, tells you that there is a punishment for going against the natural wishes of God.