Feature: Book a last minute ticket with iDBUS and Go to the Techno Parade

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On Saturday 15th September, Paris will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary of the Techno Parade. There really has never been a better year to visit such an impressive event.

This Parade will see thousands of both electronic and dance enthusiasts take to the Parisian streets to see live music, with over one hundred and fifty DJs donning their most striking sets on twenty different floats. There really is no event quite like this, which runs for three miles through the various lively neighbourhoods of Paris. Techno Parade is a fabulous day time party that will begin at midday and go on until six-thirty. But the action most certainly will not stop there, with the festivities moving on to the clubs come nightfall. This is one weekend that dance and techno lovers will not want to miss out on.

It’s also without a doubt not too late to join the thousands of party-goers. One of the best ways to get last-minute transport is to extend the partying by taking one of the coach trips to Paris. This is such a good option for travel, in that it takes out all the hassle. There’s no need to worry about getting lost in your car or queuing for ages at the airport then waiting for transfers. With Paris being relatively close, it would be ridiculous to not consider coach travel as an option. Start the party early with a relaxing journey through the beautiful scenery of France. London to Paris is such a direct route these days as well, that you will be in amongst the action of Techno Parade in just eight hours.

So why not be a little bit impulsive and get yourself to one of the biggest day-time party’s of the year. There will be a chance to experience all kinds of dance music, ranging from house, vogueing, rave and the Melbourne Shuffle. So whatever your specific taste in dance, or even if you’re looking to discover some new sub genres of techno, this is definitely the place to find it all happening. Techno Parade is in fact the second biggest free outdoor music festival in France, and was originally started as a rebellion against the repression of dance music, when it first became popular in France in the early 1990s. But it was actually only in 1998 that its biggest supporter, the Technopol, were able to convince the government to recognise it as a musical culture. It’s no doubt then that this event attracts so many from all over the world to celebrate such a popular genre of music, that was once not so long ago completely dismissed.

So why not grab yourself a last minute bargain and take a coach trip from London to Paris to see and take part in what is becoming one of the most famous electronic dance and music festivals in Europe. Considering that it is the fifteenth year of celebrations this is definitely set to be one to remember.

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