Russia: Imam urges followers not to attend Elton John concert because he ‘promotes homsexuality’

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An Imam in the city of Kazan, the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, has warned followers that they should boycott an Elton John concern scheduled for December.

Saidjagfar Lutfullin, the chief Imam of Kazan’s Zakabanna mosque blamed homosexuality for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and warned followers of “lessons” learned by ancestors.

“The two legendary biblical cities which were destroyed by Allah for the sins of its inhabitants — for same-sex relationships, homosexuality,” he said in a statement.

Homosexuality “is promoted by Elton John, known throughout the world to be gay,” Lutfullin added, Interfax reported on Thursday.

“We are seeing how our healthy and moral society is being attacked by nonconformists and perverts. I think that we must prevent this with the help of the media, by sermons and discussions about the nature of humanity and the prolongation of the human race, about the schemings of the Devil, in the form of a sodomite — Elton John,” he continued.

Sir Elton John last month said he won’t cancel a planned Moscow concert because he wants to support Russia’s gay community.

The singer was described as dressing in a way to promote “homosexual propaganda” by a Russian Communist group in June.

Several Russian homophobic groups last month called on authorities to ban the upcoming Elton John concert, saying that allowing the pop icon to perform would make a “mockery” of the country’s anti-gay laws.

In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law which banned the promotion of “non-traditional” relationships.