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In late October, PinkNews will hold a Parliamentary retrospective and awards, celebrating the contributions of politicians, businesses and community groups towards LGBT equality in what has been a truly historic year for LGBT equality in our country.

The event, held in the State Rooms at the Speaker’s House, will be introduced by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. Mr Bercow is a well known supporter of LGBT rights and his coat of arms features a rainbow flag together with the pink triangle; both symbols of gay rights, around the words “All Are Equal”.

Among the speakers at the event will be the Deputy Prime Minister and occasional PinkNews columnist Nick Clegg, with further major political figures to be announced in the lead up to the event. While some of the awards will be decided by a panel of experts, some are up to you, our readers.

This award is about celebrating the positive portrayal of LGBT people in corporate advertising. We specifically have not nominated advertising campaigns for gay products, services or charities, as instead we are celebrating the normalisation of LGBT identities within mainstream advertising campaigns.

Below are the nominations for the advertising campaign of the year.



 The Natwest advert for Cashback Plus features what appears to be one woman living two different lives. In one shot she is seen kissing a man, and in the next she embraces with a woman. At the end it is revealed that it is in fact twins who are featured.



Barclaycard released their ad for personalised debit cards earlier this year. As well as featuring friends, families and straight couples, it also shows a gay couple having their photo taken and printed onto a debit card.


Amazon Kindle

The advert for Kindle Paperwhite features a man and a woman on deck chairs, and while she uses a Kindle, the man struggles with a tablet computer.
When he exclaims that he has finished buying a Kindle online, and says “we should celebrate”, the woman replies: “my husband is bringing me a drink, right now,” to which he responds “so is mine”.


Microsoft Outlook

The ad for Microsoft Outlook starts with a dramatic scene of a stuntman driving a van which bursts into flames. It also features a positive scene of a lesbian couple getting married.


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