US: Missouri Governor files order allowing already married same-sex couples to file joint tax returns

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The Governor of the US State of Missouri has written an executive order which allows same-sex couples legally married out of state to file joint tax returns in his state.

Governor Jay Nixon filed the order, which makes Missouri the first state which does not recognise same-sex marriages, to make such a move.

Some have become irate following the decision, however arguments against the executive order haven’t stood up, as despite claims that it defies the 2004 constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, the Governor has not done so because it only applies to couples who are already married, and their tax returns.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, confirmed that the order was in line with the state law.

Nixon said his opinions on equal marriage had changed. He said: “I just don’t think we should treat folks differently in this zone anymore.”

Missouri was the first state to pass a constitutional amendment banning equal marriage, in response to a Massachusetts court decision to legalise equal marriage there.