Man with two penises causes internet hysteria

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A man with two penises who posted a Q&A session on Reddit has become an internet sensation.

Taking to Reddit, the man who went by the name “DoubleD*ckDude” (DDD), answered users questions about his two penises over a six hour period.

After posting an “Ask Me Anything” thread titled: “I am the guy with two penises”, he received over 12,000 responses in just a few hours.

Posts by DDD included a revelation that he is bisexual and in a relationship with a couple (one male and one female), and answers to questions on how he dealt with having two penises growing up.

Of his relationship, he wrote: “I call it monogamous because we are exclusive. She enjoys it.”

Saying he was in a long-term relationship with the pair, he also said he stopped having casual sex.

He wrote: “I stopped a few years back. Didnt like the empty feeling inside after a 1 night stand. did a lot of those in my late teens. For the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. dudes NEVER change their mind, they always want it even if they’re freaked out a little.”

In one of the final posts in the thread, DDD said the best thing about having two penises was simply “having two c*cks.”

Despite the only proof of DDD’s condition being the photographs posted on the Reddit thread, many have pointed to the fact that Diphallia is a real condition which affects one in six million boys in the US, however the second organ is normally removed in the early stages of the male child’s life.

The poster said he had considered having the second penis removed as a teenager, but that he was happy living with both now.

The original post on Reddit is available to view here. Please note that it includes NSFW posts and images.