Lesbian human rights activist Amy Lamé standing for selection as Labour party candidate

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Lesbian human rights activist, writer, and broadcaster Amy Lamé has announced she will be standing for selection as the Labour Party candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood.

In her recent campaign video posted onto her website, Ms Lamé shares her background, her experiences, and her expertise that make her a viable candidate for the position.

She says: “I believe passionately in what makes this country great: strong, vocal communities working together in cooperation.

“Some of you may know me from my work in television and radio, but what you may not know is that I’ve been campaigning and fundraising for over 25 years on key issues like health, international human rights, and ending violence against women.

“I’ll speak up, stand up, and get things done.”

The video ends: “We need more energetic and inspiring people in the House of Commons, willing to talk, listen, and take action. Let’s start now.”

Ms Lamé is also the hostess of alternative south London gay club Duckie.

In 2010, she was announced as mayoress of the London Borough Camden, alongside Councillor Jonathan Simpson, who was announced as mayor.