Video: Jimmy Kimmel hits back at Olympic lugers who complained about ‘gay’ ad

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Jimmy Kimmel has struck back at Olympic lugers who complained about an advert that said their sport was ‘a little bit gay’.

Last week the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion released the ad, which shows lugers setting off in slow motion to the track ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’, as a protest against anti-gay laws in Russia.

On Tuesday, US Olympic luger Christian Niccum condemned the ad for “using sport to promote their [gay] lifestyle”, and that “to make those comparisons, I think it’s sad”.

Fellow Olympic luger Matthew Mortensen echoed his comments, and said: “For some reason, whether it’s Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O’Brien or anyone, double luge is always the target.”

Kimmel responded to the complaints from the athletes on yesterday’s show, and said: “How do you not make fun of a sport that is essentially high-velocity spooning?”

“I can’t speak for Conan, but the fact of the matter is I make immature gay jokes about athletes almost every night on this show.”

He then proceeded to give tips to make the sport ‘less gay’ for the athletes who were uncomfortable with the comparison, including ‘face to face’ luging, and a ‘snow lotus’ position.

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live clip below: