Gay kiss billboard deemed unfit to be displayed in public

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Brisbane Gay Kiss Social

A billboard advertising a gay film festival which featured two men kissing has been banned from being displayed in Brisbane.

The image, which displayed two men kissing on a beach, was intended as one of three to advertise the Brisbane Queer Film Festival. 

The chairman of the city’s Lifestyle Committee, Krista Adams, however thought the poster was too inappropriate for the eyes of the public, so she requested it be banned.

“We are mindful of the community’s views and believe that one of the three posters may be seen by many as too confronting,” she said.

“I have been advised that, in the meantime, an alternate billboard design will be used.”

The Advertising Standards Board is to conduct a review.

The event’s hosts, Brisbane Powerhouse, have released a statement saying: “We’re still reviewing the campaign.”

One of the two men in the poster, Jake Harrison, said: “It’s annoying.

“As soon as this type of ad, featuring two gay men is used, it is deemed unfit for Brisbane’s eyes.

“Of course the best poster had to be torn down.”

Supporters have taken to Twitter to complain about the decision – some questioning the logic behind it.

Back in 2011, a safe sex poster targeting gay men was pulled down because 30 complaints were made.

The image featured two men embracing, holding an unopened condom packet.

Following a campaign on social media, the posters were reinstated.