Graham Norton: I was going to become a dad, but I’ve left it too late now

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Comedian and presenter Graham Norton has reflected on not having become a father, saying he considered it but that he thinks he has left it too late now.

In an interview with The Mirror, 50-year-old Norton said: “I did consider becoming a dad at one time, but I think I’ve left it a bit late. I’m a bit long in the tooth now. My dogs are my kids.”

On his upcoming autobiography, ‘The Loves and LIves of a He-devil’, he said: “It is going to be about things I really like. So there will be chapters on booze, my dogs, New York, divas and TV.”

Norton recently slammed Irish broadcaster RTE for paying €85,000 in damages to a Catholic anti-gay marriage group.

The gay comedian and BBC presenter used rather more measured language on Twitter last month, describing it as an “unbelievable” decision.

“I’m not registered to vote in Ireland but I do pay the licence fee there and I’m fucking furious that some of my money has gone to these idiots,” he said. “RTE settling wasn’t gutless, it was absolutely moronic!”

RTE defended its decision to settle with the Iona Institute and several journalists because of comments made by a drag artist on one of its shows.